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Research infrastuctures

ICOS is a European research infrastructure, which has been a part of the roadmap of the European strategy forum for research infrastructure (ESFRI) since 2006.

According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, research infrastructures (RIs) are essential parts of each scientific system. Efficient research infrastructures promote basic research and allow addressing complex and even interdisciplinary research issues.

The access to extensive research infrastructures provides a basis for the training of researchers and can serve in the transfer of knowledge and technology. They are the foundation for an efficient and future-oriented science and research system, and strengthen Germany’s international attractiveness as a research hotspot. Research infrastructures with cross-border cooperation are particularly attractive for numerous scientists as well as junior researchers from Europe and all around the world. Consequently, investments in research infrastructures are always investments in the future of a society.

  • „Excellent research infrastructures are of the utmost importance for Germany as a science location. This applies for the progress in science as well as for global competitiveness, and not least for Germany as an attractive place for researchers from all around the globe. Competitive research infrastructures are the key to answering complex challenging questions, to make considerable progress on technical issues, and to explore new research areas“.
  • „Germany plays a leading role in the provision and use of such infrastructures. Offering excellent research conditions and bringing this expertise to the European level will continue to be the guideline for our responsible and future-oriented research policy.“

Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka (2013 - 2017)
Ministery of Education and Research

BMBF Roadmap for infrastruces

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