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Welcome to ICOS Germany

Greenhouse gases don’t see borders. That is why Europe is setting up the „Integrated Carbon Observation System“ (ICOS). ICOS intends to establish a network of continuous, high-quality and standardized greenhouse gas measurements over Europe, thereby creating a European overall picture.

ICOS is a European research infrastructure aimed at strengthening Europe’s leading position in climate research in the long-term. This is achieved with a well-coordinated network of national contributions linked at the European level by central institutions. This website introduces the German contribution to the ICOS research infrastructure and the central institutions hosted in Germany.

German researchers participate in all of the three ICOS observation networks: Within the Atmosphere programme they measure the greenhouse gas concentrations in the air; within the Ecosystem programme they analyse greenhouse gas sources and sinks in forests, grasslands, croplands and mires; and within the Ocean programme, they analyse the exchange of trace gases between the atmosphere and the ocean.


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